The only true failure is giving up.

"Don't dream your life , live your dream."
- Megan & Liz •Macer•

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So I released an EP last week. This was track 2.

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We went down to the riverside
Heartbeat fast your hand in mind
We got lost in places hard to find
Like a child you spun me round
Lifted me high off the ground
Im still there, there’s no coming down

I think I could really love
Your heart, and you good, at least enough
To make you finally understand and see

Even if the nights get cold
Ill be there to carry you home
And be the one to love and hold
Parts of you you’ve left alone
Dont push them away I can love them the same
I love your pieces better when they’re not together

I’m starting to understand
Wanna know you like the back of my hand
I’m free falling, I don’t want to land
Falling asleep to the sound of your heart like the rain
That used to be my lullaby back before you came
Around, and broke down all of my pain

I think I could really love
All the things you see as rough
I’ll love your demons good, like a devil would

Hold my heart be all i’ll know
Build this love and watch it grow
Show me every flaw you hold
I’ll still see you as my gold

Anonyme a demandé: whats your worst fear?


Not being happy



Deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars


They didn’t put this in the movie?! It was one of my favorite parts in the book!!

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Megan and Liz feat. Google

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How did you meet? +

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